Monday, January 20, 2014

One of those ¨Tender Mercies¨: They´re playing Imagine Dragons on the Radio!


I´m incredibly happy right now. All of your letters were awesome this week, and I´m so glad that you´re so positive. Even though so much seems to be working against you, I´m eternally grateful that the Holy Ghost is helping you recognize the blessings that you have to help you through it all. I´m praying my heart out for you all.

While I´m trying to sort out my jumbled Spanglish vocabulary into two distinct languages, there are some things that I think I´m going to change in the English category. For example: Fire Extinguisher in Spanish is ¨Matafuego¨. Literally that means Fire killer. That is so much cooler, and I´m never going to call it the same thing again.

Ryan, you´re a stud. I can´t wait for you to get out in the mission field. I´m sorry Mom, but it´s just so incredible, and I´m getting so anxious for the celebrity that I´ve been reading about in all of your emails to get out here and bless everyone right into the arms of their Savior.

This week was absolutely incredible. Our mission has been really focusing hard on working with members, and making sure that lessons with investigators includes the presence of non-missionary members. We set a higher goal for the week, but on Monday night, my companion looked at me and told me that he recieved revelation to triple what we had last week. When I prayed for confirmation, Heavenly Father told me ¨Hey, just trust your companion.¨ I said okay, and we decided to just act as though everything was already planned for our success. Good thing to, because it was. Heavenly Father provided us with miracle after miracle the whole week long, and we broke our goal. The struggling branch had more people in the chapel on Sunday than has been the whole transfer, and we´re seeing more sincere progress in our investigators than ever before. Matheu is even more the bomb than it was last week.

So through this, I learned a lot about continual faith. It was so interesting how sudden that change in numbers was. We just asked Heavenly Father what he thought, and worked until it was done. Neither of us even doubted that we could hit that goal. It was incredible! I also learned in the middle of a lesson with a member family something about faith and hope. When used in the scriptures, hope is very similar to sure, faithful, knowledge. There´s no doubting in this context. It´s having faith that Heavenly Father will keep His promises, and accepting them as a fact waiting to be put into action. They´re going to happen ¨sí o sí¨, as they say here. Whether we notice His promises, and whether they bless us, depends upon our faithful actions.

I don´t have a lot of specific stories to tell today, but I´m a bit overwhelmed by the love that Heavenly Father has poured out upon me. I pray sincerely that He does the same to all of my other missionary friends all over the world, and all of you at home. Not only does He live and love us, but He lives to love us. I´ve really felt that this week.

Thanks to all of you for being in my life. Hasta la próxima semana.

¡Hurrah para Israel!

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