Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rain, Rain, please DON´T go away. Please come back another day.


It´s raining! YEAH! Rain and wind are blessings from heaven as they cool down the weather, and move the humidity out. The past few days have been so nice. It´s hilarious to watch the latinos bundled up in winter coats because it´s only 70 degrees with ¨windchill¨.

So, transfers came. And nothing changed. Haha, the Zone Leaders asked us if the speaker phone was on, and after all this build up, said ¨se quedan juntos¨ and hung up. Haha, I´m still in Matheu with the same companion. But that´s okay, because I love this area, and I´m grateful for the extra time that I have to improve the Christlike attributes that I haven´t learned well enough yet.

I need to tell you about an amazing person. Her name is Belatriz, and she is incredible. Her family has been talking to the missionaries for a long time, but with no progress. We decided to start focusing on the Grandma, Belatriz, and she began to progress despite her crazy family situation (too much drama and a little personal to get into detail). Finally, she was ready to be baptized. In her baptismal interview, she was so excited to ¨teach¨ the District Leader what a prophet was with the example we used with a pen. He was impressed, and she was anxiously looking forward for the rest of the week for Sunday.

Then Sunday came, we took her to the Chapel, and after the church services, she was baptized. She asked me to baptize her, and I humbly accepted. Only one of her granddaughters came to watch, but the branch showed a lot of love for her, which I´m so grateful for.

When we brought her back home, she told us the craziness that happened that morning. She was getting ready for us to pick her up, and she couldn´t find the keys to the front door, and no one would wake up to help her find them. She knew that Satan was trying to dissuade her from baptism, but she refused to listen to his lies. So she broke down the door. Yes, a 76 year-old, half blind, humble, and timid elderly woman broke down the front door to be baptized! My companion and I were laughing so hard, and we took pictures with her standing on the wood and hinges in triumph.

I´m so glad that I get to stay here in Matheu. I went through a little weird experience where I struggled to accept the Lord´s will with this transfer, but He reassured me that I have more to learn from this area and from my companion. I´m praying everyday for an increase in my charity, and I´m watching as the Lord helps me improve my love for everyone. So I´m going to continue working in the quiet, sleepy town, striving to share with anyone who will listen the greatest news the world has ever recieved. That God is doing all that He can for us to be Eternally, and profoundly happy, including providing us with Christ´s Atonement, Eternal Families, and personal revelation that all of it is because He loves each one of us.

Love you all! Keep up your awesome work, and don´t freeze to death! ¡Hurrah para Isreal!

-Élder Goff

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