Saturday, May 31, 2014

¡Feliz Día de la Madre en EE UU, Perú, y Bolivia! (Sent: May 12, 2014)


It was so good to see you! Even though that lazy laptop didn´t want to carry my voice 7,000 miles to you, and that lame smart phone betrayed us in the middle of our conversation about latino soap operas being directed by the devil. But thanks for talking to me! Elder Costa says that your all beautiful. :)

I don´t really even know what to write because we just barely talked. Something I don´t think I told you yet was about President Gonzalez. He´s the Area President for Southern South America, (basically Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and I think a few other countries) and he came to talk to our mission this week. It was incredibly inspired, and he gave such great advice. He stressed the importance of helping people live all five principles of the gospel, and helping them achieve, true, deep conversion when baptized. His vision of growing the Kingdom of God is impressive. He also stressed the importance of paying tithing, citing examples in the scriptures of calamities that came to when Israel in the time of Malachi or the Nephites when they neglected tithing.

So pay your tithing, and fast offerings. :)

The whole week was filled with miracles as we opened our mouths to speak to just about anyone in the Villa. We were blessed with finding a lot of new investigators, and even less active members who just walked right up to us and asked for help to become reactivated and recieve all of the blessings of the Gospel again. But then that dang rain came just like every Sunday, and only one of our investigators came to Church. But she´s a champion, an out right miracle. I´ve been trying to contact Mary Carmen ever since I was with Elder Critchlow, because she has an impressive teaching record, and the previous Elders had a lot of good things to say about her.

Then a member in the ward told us that she was at her aunt´s house quite often, and that´s just where we found her. She remembers just about all of the missionary lessons, and now has quit her job that was preventing her from going to church. And best of all: SHE DOESN´T HAVE A BOYFRIEND!!!!

...okay that sounded really weird. Don´t get the wrong idea, I´m just super happy that we won´t have that roadblock with the law of Chastity that we´ve had with everybody else.

So this week I was reminded about the ways that God works to prepare people´s hearts, and then puts them in our way when they are prepared to hear the Gospel. I challenge each one of you to start sharing the Gospel with anyone, even if it´s just in small and simple ways, so that they can begin preparing for it. Pray for them by name everyday, and never pass up the oportunity to share your testimony. Thanks to the Holy Ghost, the most powerful words ever spoken are those of a simple, pure, and sincere testimony.

I love you all! Thanks for all that you´re doing!

¡Hurra por Israel!

-Élder Goff

P.S. I got bad at taking pictures again this week, but here´s some awesome ones that my companion took.

1. The view of the Paraguyan Plaza from a members house who lives on the fourth floor. (For a villa, the 4th floor is sketchy)

2. The hippy urban backpacker we met the other week.

3. Elder Zollinger and Elder Costa work in the more colorful part of the villa, and. It´s. So. Cool.

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