Monday, March 3, 2014

Freaking Siesta


So this week was awesome! But I don´t have any pictures. :/ My companion insisted for some reason that we go to another area to email, and in the middle of reading letters, the owner kicked us out to close for siesta, and I think I left my camera inside. We´ll go back to see if it´s still there later.

Like I said, this week was nuts. It seems like we´ve been telling investigators a lot lately about how Satan knows that he´s going to lose, so he tries confusing us by attacking right before and right after a spiritual experience. And that goes for us too. So this Sunday, we had three baptisms planned for our tiny branch. The man the hermana missionaries has been teaching told them that he moved across the country even though they saw him in the house, and we are praying that he returns to church later down the road.

Then one of our investigators suddenly got really embarrassed about being baptized in front of other people, and left the church, walking home. We chased her down, trying to remind her about how excited she was to be baptized earlier in the week. She agreed to be baptized if we closed the doors so that only the witnesses and her mom could see. She felt really happy afterwards, though still embarrassed in front of other people. At least she chose to follow Christ in this critical step.

The other girl, Andrea, was baptized and was really happy. She´s that capa that prayed for the missionaries to come to her house and already wants to serve a mission. She´s very happy, but confused about her family situation. We had a good talk on the Colectivo about how the fact that she was baptized means that she conquered Satan, and there´s nothing he can do to change that no matter how big of a fit he throws. I´m praying for her and her family. They´re really special.

I had an interesting experience Sunday night. I started watching some Mormon Messages before bed, and watched one of Christ being crucified and resurrected. I started thinking about His few friends He had here on earth and what they thought when they realized that they wouldn´t see Him until after this life. That´s a feeling that I have a lot of experience with, though to a lesser degree, having met so many awesome people in High school, on a mission, etc. and having to leave them to do a more important work. I got on my knees starting to express how much I love my Heavenly Father, and though I still don´t remember any details about my life with Him before here, I can´t help but know that it happened better than I can remember my life before my mission. I started to tear up as I expressed how much I miss my Heavenly Father, and promised that I would do everything I can to make Him proud so I can live with Him again.

I love you guys, and I can´t wait to see you again. Thanks for supporting me while I try to make my Father in Heaven proud.

¡Hurrah para Israel!

Élder Goff

P.S. Next week is transfers, and so P-day will be on Tuesday the 11th. So I won´t be sending a letter next week until then. Love you!

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