Monday, March 3, 2014

From that kid down south. (Sent February 24, 2014)

¡Hola familia!

We had another awesome week. I don´t even know where to start. Matheu really is an incredible place to labor in the Lord´s work, and I´m so grateful for the experiences, trials, and miracles we´ve been privilged to take a part of.

I´ll start with the Chavarria family. They´re that family from Bolivia with the daughter that told us that she´s been praying for God to tell her where to go, and three days later we showed up. Herlan is 11 years old, and is a champion. He reads the Book of Mormon regularly, has been to church every week since we´ve met him, and was the first to be baptized in his family this past Sunday. Andrea, 17 years old, told us yesterday that she wanted to help us teach investigators even though she won´t be baptized for another week. We explained about sister missionaries that leave at 19 years old, and she became extremely excited, telling us that that´s what she wanted to do. The rest of the kids have a baptismal date for a little later, and are humble and willing to follow Jesus Christ. Their mother, Lucy, is an incredible woman, kind and humble, but hesitant by how fast everything is going. We explained about the blessing that the Gospel gives to families to provide a place of comfort, peace, and security for children to be raised as they learn of God´s truth. She agreed, and continues to support her children by going to their baptisms, and allowing us to teach her children. I´m so grateful to have known them, and admire their gentle desires to accept Christ in their lives.

I´m not really sure what else to write about. Sincerely, I just feel humbled by what my Heavenly Father is doing for me. It makes me feel incredibly guilty for all of the pride that I´ve had in the past. We´ve unconciously made a habit of testifying of the Atonement whenever someone talks about the problems in their lives, and it´s made me realize how much Jesus Christ has done for me, and constantly reminds me of my unpayable debt to Him. Compounded with all the miracles that I witness in the mission-field, I´m left in awe of God´s continual love and activity in my life. I testify that God lives and loves. Beyond the clichés, the occasionally scripted sayings, and the Pharisiacal testimonies, I know that God lives better than I know just about anything that I´ve learned up to this point in my life.

I beg for forgiveness of anyone that I´ve hurt, and beg them to repent also of their sins so that we can make God´s greatest wish come true: our shared, and permanent Eternal Exhaltation.

I love you all. ¡Hurrah para Israel!

-Elder Goff

P.S. We´re back in that racist internet cafe with the computers that don´t let yanquis or Peruvians upload pictures, so I´ll have to send the pictures next week. Sorry!

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