Wednesday, August 6, 2014

*click, click, click* zzzzz... Huh? What? Oh, I'm emailing. *click, click, click* (sent July 28, 2014)


What happened? Waddya mean you didn't get my letter last week? I'm so ofended by the Argentine Internet, I can't even remember what I did this week. Okay I sent it again, and I hope that you got it somehow. And I repented of being so ofended, so I'll get going on what happened today.

But first of all, this computer keeps captilizing random Words, and trying to autocorrect my spelling but it doesn't realice that I'm speaking English. So if I sound like a noob, sorry. It's not my fault. Hahaha :)

So this week was interesting. More tan anything, I'm just tired. Like ridiculously exhausted. I've fallen asleep just about every night while I was praying. I'm usually praying about something really fervently at 10:30 like "Heavenly Father, please bless Rocio's boyfriend that his heart will soften and they can get married and be baptized, because she's so ready... and it would... be.. so... zzzzzz..." Then I suddenly wake up and realize that my knees hurt and there's no more blood in my legs. And it's like one in the morning. "Oh. I don't remember what I was praying about. Perdón, Padre. En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen." Elder Rosazza's given up on waking me up, and even took about 20 pictures of me with my own camera. Hahaha

Lately the Ward has been pretty awkward. Liniers is a really great Ward, but it seems like though the leaders clearly understand the work of Salvation, the other members aren't really getting it. I don't want to be negative and say that they're lazy, but there's not really another Word for it. Anyway, the stake has been trying hard to change that, which has made it some of the meetings awkward to bring investigators to. The leader start's "lowering the cane" on the High Priests and Elders Quórum about home teaching, temple attendance, etc. and someone starts to argue about communication, and there's not really any Spirit in the room. Luckily this last Sunday I looked over at the investigators that were in the room and they were pretty much fast asleep. I'll count that as a blessing. Chastise with love, people.

Remember Gladys? You'd better. Because she's so awesome. I'll probably be bragging about her in every one of my letters while I'm still here in Liniers. She's so excited to share the Gospel, we should just give her a badge and have her be a Sister Training Leader. Whenever a plan falls through, we look at each other and say "Vamos a ver a Gladys." She's always there and willing to go talk to her neighbors. Most of them reject her, but while comforting her, she said to us, "That's okay, I'm going to keep inviting people. One day we're going to baptize all of Barrio Scapino." (Her Little villa-esque neighborhood.) I love this lady. She's so happy, and just as pure as her baptism day.

This week I finally finished my ridiculously in-depth versión of the study activity of the Book of Mormon that Preach My Gospel suggests in chapter 5. I sent some pictures so that it will make more sense, but basically I found out that in the Book of Mormon, by my count, there are 7,742 references to Jesús Christ, 976 verses containing words directly from Him, 998 times where one of His divine characteristics is mentioned, and 1,275 doctrines or principles of His Gospel. It's been incredibly interesting to see my perspective of the Book of Mormon change as I've done this study. Now I treasure this Little copy that has marked in bright colors any time one of His names is mentioned, He speaks, He's spoken of, or His teachings are expounded upon. There's no doubt in my mind, that the Book of Mormon was divinely brought forth in this day to convice the Gentiles that Jesús is the Christ, and to realize the gathering of Israel. As Elder Holland said, "no man can come to a full testimony of this divine work with out first having a solid testimony of the divinity of the Book of Mormon."

I love you all. Keep on being so awesome. Ry-guy, I think I brag about you to my investigators more tan Mom brags to others at home about the two of us combined. ;) Remember, we're playing for keeps... 'til the Life Juice weeps. (High five through the internet, because no one understands our secret brother language.)

-Elder Goff

P.S. Pictures!

1 and 2, One of the nights I fell asleep praying. Courtesy of Elder Rosazza.
3, We live in a city called "Mataderos" which means "Cow butchers". They're really proud of their beef. One day I busted up laughing as I realized that the statue in the plaza that we pass by just about everyday is the freaking Golden calf from Moses's day. I'm preaching among idolotrous pagans.

-Élder Goff

Alma 36:24

More pictures

4-7, My intense study of the Book of Mormon

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