Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First week in Liniers (sent June 9, 2014)


Hey! How are you all? Elder Aróstica and I are doing well. I love this Chilean. The poor guy is scared to death of the dark, and I can´t help myself but pull a few pranks on him. Mom, I´m definately your son. :) Last night, twice I turned off the lights to hide, jump out, and scare him. The second time, I went and hid under the bed, and when he realized what I was doing he said in his hilarious chilean accent ¨Ooohhh no. Aye ma gonna kill you.¨ I was trying so hard not to bust up laughing as he went around the apartment turning on lights pointing suddenly to a hiding place going ¨a-HA!¨ like Steve Martin in the Pink Panther. He even stared RIGHT AT ME, somehow not noticing it was me. I waited until he was next to the bed, then grabbed his leg and screamed. Oh, his reaction was priceless! ¨AAAAAHHHH!! OH! ¡¿Cómo es que no lo vi?!¨ (How did I not see you!?) Hahaha! Oh, poor guy, I´ll have to leave him alone for a while.

Liniers is awesome! Yesterday there was a baptism of an investigator of the Hermana misioneras in the ward. He´s a 17 year old named Miguel Ángel, and has the most incredible ward support I´ve seen in the mission. All of the young men in the ward were sitting with him during sacrament meeting, invited him to play soccer with him during the week, and were all at his baptism (one even being the one baptizing Miguel). I´m excited to work in this ward. The youth are on fire!
The Choque family is absolutely incredible! They´re a family Elder Aróstica found last transfer who is incredibly prepared. The two daughters who were baptized last Sunday were confirmed this Sunday, and we´re working with a lady in the ward to work as quickly as possible to get them married despite their complicated document situation. (Please pray that we can sort it out smoothly). They have incredible desires to do what the Lord wants them to, and even insisted to pay tithing this week, even though they aren´t members. I love teaching them; may God bless them for their incredible faithfulness.

While praying to find out where the Lord wants us to work this transfer, and where we can find those that he´s prepared to hear the Gospel this transfer, we felt impressed to work in the richer part of the area. I have no idea how to work with rich people. Will you all pray with me that the Lord will soften their hearts?

Finally I want to congratulate Ryan on his incredible dedication to the Temple! He´s been to the Temple 17 times since he was endowed last Saturday! That´s insane! I´m so glad that he shares my love for the Temple. While looking for records for our investigators to use to get marriage documents, I was looking at our Family Tree. (We have some sweet ancestors. The furthest back I could go that had a reliable birth date was 200 AD. I took some pictures to send you guys.) But while doing all this, I was pondering about how incredible it is to be sealed to so many of these people. I think our tree went back on one branch until nearly 1300 AD with the work done. When you put it into perspective that we are sealed together as a family for thousands of generations, it puts a whole new perspective on the Plan of Salvation. How incredible is our God´s plan? Do some Family History work, and let to Spirit of Elijah tell you.

I love you guys. I´m eternally grateful that we´re sealed together forever. Thanks for doing all you can to be so faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that we can live together in the Celestial Kingdom.

¡Hasta la próxima semana! ¡Hurra por Israel!

-Élder Goff


1. Rescee´s. I don´t even remember how to spell it, but the Ramirez family are saints.
2. Elder Aróstica and I.
3. I have Ragnar in my blood! Other than him being a viking/Nordic king in the 8th century, I don´t know anything about him, but one of our really distant cousins commented on him saying ¨Ragnar was a beast. I am glad he is one of my direct ancestors.¨
4. We´re decendants of the King of the Vandals... um. Okay.
5. Ms. Rich. She doesn´t have a birth date, but I found her around 400ish AD. I hope we´re in her will to recieve her in inheritance. Can you imagine the intrest on that thing?

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