Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vivo todavía a pesar de la loca copa mundial :) (sent June 30, 2014)


Soccer is still crazy. I tell you, this sport. The next time somebody tell me that religion brings out the worst in people, I´ll laugh in their face. Really, it´s not that bad. But just pray that if the US plays Argentina (which is pretty likely) that they lose. Or win. I´m not really sure which would be better. :)

Anyway, about something more important. By the time I go to bed tonight, RYAN WILL BE A MISSIONARY!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!! I´m so freaking proud of that stud I can´t even describe it! And not even just because he´ll finally write me every week! ;) Thanks for sending me his talk, I downloaded it and I´m going to listen to it in the apartment. And do a happy dance: . (Check that out. My missionary buddy from  Elder Thompson showed me that. Isn´t that cool? No? Well to a missionary isolated from the internet apart from this email it is.)

This week was awesome. Guess what? We had investigators come to church! It´s been pretty rough in that department for the past couple of weeks, but finally we have progressing investigators! That family that has nieces in Utah has really warmed up to us and loves the missionary lessons. They invited us over for dinner last night. They made chicken with Peruvian condiments. Elder Ry-guy, lemme tell ya. You´re gonna be eating real good in Perú. Disfrútalo, amigo. During dinner, we talked about their experience at church, and Consuelo (the aunt of the two girls in Utah) kept telling us about how much she appreciated how they talk about the family in church. She liked how personal the Gospel was taught and applied to everyday life rather than mere chanting, singing and traditional worship of the Evangelic churches that she´s been going to. It was interesting to see someone realize the difference between worldly religion and true religion. Her husband Alejandro was so excited to be in church again for the first time in about 20 years, and he excitedly described to his wife what a Bishop was, and how the hymns work. They have an incredible future ahead of them, and I´m very humbled and excited for the opportunity I have to teach them the Everlasting Gospel so that they can be an eternal family.

We also watched a few Mormon Messages at their request. One was a new one that I hadn´t seen about the real, enduring love of an elderly couple despite the difficulties of aging. I almost cried thinking about my own grandparents and their love for each other. Thank you so much Grandpa and Grandma for all that you´ve done to teach me by example of the powerful love that Elder Scott speaks of in the end of the video. (The quote was in Spanish, so I don´t remember how it goes, but if you can find video, watch it.)

I had an incredible experience last night while praying. I won´t get too far into detail in respect of its sacred nature, but let me tell you, that our Heavenly Father loves our family. I was assured more than I think I ever could have been that He does. The power of the Holy Ghost is indescribable, but motivates me to try and teach others about it. I know that my Heavenly Father is concious of us and our struggles. It´s my goal to overcome my imperfections, and more effectively show others about this.

I love you guys. Never give up. Keep faithful in the Gospel. I promise you beyond all the words I can use, that it will be worth it.

I love you all and I´ll talk to you next week! ¡Hurra por Israel!

Elder Goff

P.S. I forgot the camera cord again. (Dangit!) Sorry. Expect some cool pictures next week.

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