Wednesday, August 6, 2014

freaking siesta... & Futbol en la villa es loco. (sent July 21, 2014)

(First letter that day...)


Noooooo!! This freaking siesta is the worst thing in the world! While I was reading your letters, the lady at the internet cafe said that their closing in 5 minutes. I´m going to come back to write later today, but just in case, know that I love you guys, and that I´ll send all the pictures next week hopefully.

(Later on that day...)


Stupid siesta. Sorry I´m late. All of the locotorios closed after Argentina´s national nap time, but after some intense soccer with a bunch of members, missionaries, and a group of random kids from the nearby villa, I can talk. (Yep, soccer is still crazy. :P )

This week was a pretty good one. But not really anything new to report. We dropped a lot of investigators and found a lot of others. But I really only have one or two stories. So we´ll talk about Alan. He´s the cousin of this awesome little stud named José that we´re teaching. The first time we met Alan, he told us that he´ll listen, but made it very clear that he was ¨athiest.¨ Then we get into the lesson, and he starts helping out his little cousin understand about all these characteristics of God. Haha, Alan buddy, we caught you. Come on. Fess up. You believe in God. But he kept insisting that he didn´t. Then I felt the Spirit telling me to testify. So I basically just said something like, ¨Alan, I don´t understand. There´s a being with all of the power in the universe who loves you so much. All of the things that He has to do in keeping the universe in balance, and He cares most about your happiness. And yet you refuse to acknowledge His existence. I promise you that He´s there, and He wants wants best for you.¨ Alan looked really humbled, and looked down at his Book of Mormon and told us that he´ll keep reading and praying to find out. Then he cracked down and prayed. What a stud.

I´m almost done with the Book of Mormon again. Man, the ending is so depressing with the Nephites being destroyed, and the Jaredites destroying themselves. It really gets you in the humbled mood to listen to Moroni testify about charity. Something I realized again was that charity is the key to everything. You can´t try to be a desciple of Christ without it. You can´t even try to have faith in Him without it. You could almost put it in front of Faith as the first principle of the Gospel. I love what Moroni says when he tells us that it will make us appear ¨just as He is.¨ (Moroni 7:48). I´m going to work on praying for more charity so that I can make that happen.

I love you guys so much. I´m sorry that I was so short on time today, but I´ll be praying my heart out for you all.

-Elder Goff

P.S. Cole, you made me start decorating my Agendas. I even made a little secret page for the World Cup last transfer. :)

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