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April 13, 2015- Who´s training who?


This was such a good week. Just like always, filled to the brim, with challenges, laughing, and blessings a ful. I feel so blessed, it´s hard to describe the mission avoiding all the cliché sayings. But here we go... these are the best two years of my life.

Did I tell you that my Stake President here in the Argentina Buenos Aires Litoral Stake was called as a General Authority? Elder Jose M. Batalla. I may have left out that important detail from my thoughts on General Conferece. Also Elder Juan C. Avila, who was recently released, was an area 70 in my ward in Liniers.

Let´s start out the week with my interview with President. I have had incredibly loving Church Leaders nearly all my life. I will be forever grateful for the way that they have helped me become who I am today, and for their unconditional love. But President Ayre is an outstandingly inspired man, and I feel as if he were my second father. All he did was thank me for what I was doing, then sit in silence looking at me through tears. I´m amazed that he can transmit so much love in such a short interview.

The most obvious highlight from the week would be Máxima and Selena´s baptisms this Sunday. This mother and daughter are special people. Máxima is a single mom struggling with her handicapped son, and her oldest son who got mixed up in some bad Umbanda (don´t look that up. Just imagine the bad guy on Disney´s The Princess and the Frog) and suffers from mental and emotional side-effects. We´ve had extremely spiritual experiences with her as we´ve talked about Priesthood authority, given Priesthood blessings, etc. Both have a strong testimony that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only Church that has the authority of God to directly bless their family. May God bless them on their journey to endure to the end, and may He bless me in helping them do so.

Elder Rios continues to teach me a lot. This Sunday, while going to bring our investigators to Church, I was getting frustrated with how many people who had committed to come to Church fell through. I was visibly annoyed as I was thinking of everyone who had rejected us, and the stupid dog that bit me the night before. >:( Then I called Máxima and Selena, to make sure everything was all clear so that they could make it to Church before sacrament meeting, and they were already on their way. Elder Rios literally jumped in the streets with a fist pump that reached above my head and shouted ¨Victory is ours!¨ I couldn´t help but bust up laughing, realizing that I was getting too caught up in what I told him we shouldn´t get caught up. We just invite everyone to come unto Christ. Their agency is their own, but we should never let frustration over how many people don´t choose the right overshadow our joy over those who do come unto Christ. Who´s training who? I ask myself that sometimes.

I love you all so much. Have a great week. ¡Hurra por Israel!

-Élder Goff

P.S. Pictures:

2070- Elder Rios´ first Arrozchaufa (classic Peruvian food with rice, meat, soy sauce, and other good stuff). Now he always wants to go eat Peruvian food. As we say in Spanish ¨De tal palo, tal astilla.¨ (A chip off the old block)

2075- Máxima and Selena on their baptism day. Elder Bonilla likes to take pictures ¨up close and personal¨, but it´s all good. These two are really special.

2081- Elder Rios after his first baptism. What a champion.

2090- Sunset on the edge of Virreyes. They tell me that on the far ends of Provincia, Buenos Aires starts to get really pretty. This might be as close as I´ll get.

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