Monday, August 3, 2015

September 1, 2014- Chacarita's stolen my creativity, so here's a lame subject line.

¡Hola familia!

Chacarita stole my creativity, so I have no idea how to start this email. It's pretty cloudy outside... *ahem*. Yep. (Did you know that Argentines LOVE to talk about the weather? I thought that was a conversation killer. Not here. "Qué calor, ¿no?" Argentine: "Huh? Oh, you Mormons are humans! I guess I'll talk to you.")

So it was a rough first week. We did a lot of walking, and a lot of talking. And practically nobody wanted anything. I've been contacting more people on the streets than any other time in the mission, and have been seeing less people interested. Also our members keep disappearing five minutes before they're going to accompany us to appointments. But we're hangin' in there. Elder McRory has a faith that never falls, and is good at making me laugh off the disappointments so we can keep working.

But the good ol' borrachos like to talk. I think one of the side effects of alcohol is making you think you have a theological doctorate. One guy started talking to us, and set up his debate for why the Book of Mormon wasn't true like this. "Look boys, so there's five continents, right?..." Um. No. Not even when you count the continents like the latinos: América, Europa, Asia, África, Oceanía, Antártida. The sweet old lady who was with us and who has more zeal than anyone I've ever seen tried to testify to him about the Restoration, and I just kinda laughed and tried to get her to move on. Remember: we can't convince anyone, only testify so that the Spirit can do the convincing. A drunkard's never gonna feel the Spirit. The best you can do is just smile and give 'im a high five. 

There's not a lot to talk about from this week, so to be more positive, I'll talk about what Heavenly Father taught me in my beastly awesome Personal Study today. I started to study about Patriarchs and learned some pretty cool stuff in DyC 107:39-58. In the beginning of the world, this office of the Melchizedek Priesthood was the father of each family. When God first established His church on the Earth, it was the family of Adam. When the first apostasy came around, not only did it disrupt the Church, it disrupted the union of the family. Now let's look at the Restoration of the Church. Priesthood government is essentially set up to mimic what God set up in a family: a ward family with the righteous priesthood holders that preside and bless the family members. I learned and it was confirmed to me that the ultimate goal of the Church of Jesus Christ is to restore the Eternal Family. Even though there are many offices in the Priesthood now to help that along, it's all supposed to supplement the family to bring things back to the way God wanted it in the first place- happy, united, and centered around the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I also was pondering about how the family is the basic unit of the Church. Some might think that means it's the "lowest" unit. They're dead wrong. If the base is weak, everything else comes crashing down. A strong family centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ is always the first priority in the Kingdom of God, even before all other Priesthood responsabilities. That's something that the Spirit has been confirming to me for a long time now, and I'm grateful to have learned. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for always keeping us as your greatest priority. :)

I love you guys. Thanks for all that you're doing. ¡Hurra por Israel!

-Élder Goff

P.S. I forgot the SD card thingy. No pictures this week. :/

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