Monday, August 17, 2015

February 16, 2015- Élder Ortega is a Powerhouse


How´s it going!? I hope everything´s well. This was quite the week. I think my new companion is a direct decendant of Ammon or something, because he´s probably one of the biggest studs I´ve ever met. Right up there with you, Ry-guy. I´m excited for the rest of the transfer.

So technically I can´t call myself his ¨dad¨ because he´s already been trained, so we´ve decided to call each other godfather and godson. Why? Well, aparently here in South America, you get godparents at your baptism. When you´re baptized, you´re ¨born-again¨. Also, a godfather really doesn´t do anything other than call himself your godfather, and I´m not really training Elder Ortega, because he remembers almost everything. Therefore, we´re ahijadoand padrino.

We slammed into proselyting as hard as we could this week. And we saw miracles! And then Satan slammed into resistance, and we´re a little dazed now. But Faith + Perserverance = Success, so we´re heading into round 2. Joel talked to his Pastor about leaving his church, and the pastor exploded, which made Joel start to doubt his decision. But we´re going to have a power lesson about Priesthood keys. Pray that he´ll feel the Spirit. María was in the hospital all week, but recently left. Pray also that her stomach won´t rebel again this week.

I love you guys so much! I wish there was more I could say. But like Jarom said in Jarom 1:2- ¨For what more could I write than (I have already) written?¨ I´m as happy as ever, and I know that this Church is true. I don´t care what kind of trial Satan throws, because with the Lord we can handle it all. Keep the faith, and never lose hope. You guys are the best.

¡Hurra por Israel!

-Élder Goff

P.S. My camera went into a coma. No pictures until I can figure out how to wake it up. :P

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