Monday, August 17, 2015

October 27, 2014 I just played soccer in an oven.


Me estoy derritiendo. I'm melting. For real. Bleh. We just went to play soccer in an indoor court that a member let us use, and ugh. It's a freaking oven in that thing. But it was fun. I got smacked in the face by the ball pretty hard, so I'm humbled and ready to go back to work. :P

This week was better! Still slow, but we saw our numbers slowly crawl upwards. We went to a meeting with President Ayre and all the rest of the new missionaries, which was great. President Ayre is so hilarious. He drew the mission as a metophorical mountain on a chalkboard with several parts. It started out with a "Country Club" at the bottom (the MTC) a ridiculously steep climb right after, a resting point, the summit, and a decent that resembled more like a cliff, with rocks at the bottom. Then he put a little X at the bottom, and told the newbies "you're all right here" right in front of the gigantic climb. Poor little guys have no idea what's about to hit 'em. But then he spent the rest of the time encouraging everyone lovingly, and the assistants gave a little pump up talk. It was awesome.

There was an experience that was pretty interesting this week. So last week in Urquiza, (the ward next to Chacarita) a little girl named Yanet was baptized. Her dad has had a crazy hard life; he wants to change it by being baptized, but is having a hard time quitting smoking. When he met me at Yanet's baptismal interview, he told the Sister missionaries that he wanted me to prepare him for baptism. Since he lives right on the border of both the areas, I got permission to start teaching him. The first time we come into his little apartment, he has alcohol on his breath, and an unlit cigarrette dangling in his fingers. He looks at me like a little kid who just broke Mom's vase and shyly greets me. After talking a little bit, his shame caught up to him, and began to cry. This humble man wants to change, but Satan just keeps throwing more trials in his face: another death in the family, losing his job, etc. I gave him a hug as our member that was accompanying us was in tears. He kept telling me that he wanted me to help him change. I kept assuring him that I'll do everything that I can to help him, but everything was up to him, and Jesus Christ.

Louis's experience applies to us too. We've all got something to give up. There are church leaders who can reach out and try to help us, but it all depends on us and Him. He did His part in Gethsemanae and the cross, but is willing to help us do our part as well. All we've got to do is do what Louis is trying to do. Fall on our knees, turn to the scriptures, and never give up attending Church. Jesus Christ not only re-established His church again to make the redeeming power of His atoning sacrifice more widely available, but it is the only place where it is available. Thanks to Priesthood power and revelation through God's chosen prophets, we have the way back to Christ clearly marked. I testify that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true Church on the face of the Earth, and it is the only organization established by God Himself to provide the saving ordinances necessary to bring us to our Eternal Home. I pray that Louis and many more can do what is possible to be a part of God's Kingdom, and I will do all that I can to help them come to the knowledge of the Restoration of God's Priesthood Authority.

I love you all. I hope you have a great week! ¡Hurra por Israel!

-Élder Goff

P.S. I hope I can figure out this computer to send pictures. Stay tuned....

1. Elder Valerdi and I smothering Elder Rogers with love at Interview with President.
2. Feliz Día de la Madre, Barrio Chacarita!
3. We went bowling with the zone for P-day last Monday.

4. The score for the first round. How is it possible to win the entire game with 8 gutter balls? Ask Elder Rogers.

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