Monday, August 17, 2015

February 2, 2015- Last P-day of Elder Micanquer


It's super weird being around so many old people in the mission. I'm so sick of talking about what they're going to do after the mission. Stay focused people.

Virreyes was a ghost town this last week. ALL of the young men and women went to PFJ (EFY) this week, and a ton of the young single adults too, so lessons with members went llllooooowww... but it was incredible to see their testimonies afterwards. I loved EFY and I'm a witness to what it does for the youth, but I could not believe how much it meant to these kids. They are going to be super missionaries. But still, I couldn't help but laugh when they came up to me and said, "Elder, I got to see what the mission will be like for a week!" PFFFTT!!! Yeah, with good food, fliriting with girls, and dance parties. Exactly like the mission.

But they're awesome. A kid named Diego went, and had a great time. When I got here, he was less active, but he's started to accompany us, and return to Church. Yesterday, we met his Dad, who said that Diego has been trying to bring him to church, and we set up an appointment for later in the week. Atta boy Diego!

After Interviews with President (so AWESOME! President Ayre for President!), my companion took his dreaded English test at President's house. I'm sure he did great. That kid speaks English incredibly well. But he was so nervous, that he lied in a response and said that he had two daughters. HAHAHA! While he was taking the test, I had some quality time with Hermana Ayre. This lady is the second most amazing lady I've ever met. (Number One, you know who you are. And just to avoid any awkward situations, it's you, Mom.) She made me two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (!!!) while we chatted about everything from Garbage Disposals, to Ragnar. And then she gave me the greatest pump up talk about my area ever. Virreyes 3 is going to be the translated one day. Mark my words. And please pray that the success needed to do so will come soon. And that I'll have the faith necessary to do it.

You're all the bomb. Love you!


1979- Last P-day was too hot to do anything. So I just sat inbetween three fans and drank water. :P

1986- This P-day, we went to La Boca with President's permission. The famous "Caminito" in La Boca with awkward tango dancers that try to put props on you and make sketchy poses for tourist pictures. Excuse me, but I'm a missionary. ¡Aléjate de mi, Satanás!

1997- The stadium of Boca Juniors. Now I only need to see the stadium of San Lorenzo.

2000- Mariano, Ezekial and I in La Boca. These kids are incredible, and I absolutely love their conversion stories. Short version: Mariano was so excited the first time he heard the Gospel, that he accompanied the Elders in the rain for the rest of the day to tell more people about it. He shared it with his cousin, Alan, who read the Book of Mormon, prayed about it, and the first thing he told the missionaries when he saw them was that he wanted to be baptized. Ezekial has made some incredible changes to get baptized, and after EFY, is firmly set on serving a mission like the other two.

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