Monday, August 17, 2015

March 16, 2015- The train killed my P-Day

I hate trains. They´re stupidly slow. They remind me of me when I had my driver´s permit, and Mom would tell me. ¨Speed up. I´m gonna get out and push!¨

Anyways... FAMILIA! Hola! How´s it going? I don´t have a lot of time, so I´m going to focus on my Family letter. I read all your letters though, thanks, and I love you! This week was insane. (BY THE WAY! Next P-day will be TUESDAY due to transfers.)

Alisia backtracked a little bit, but she accepted a baptismal date for this next Sunday. For reals this time, I promise. She´s a special daughter of God, and the whole ward knows her now, even if just as ¨the lady who passed out in Sacrament Meeting that one time.¨ But they love her all the same. :) Joel and Sofia were baptized this Sunday along with Alejandro, and Gregoria from the other areas in Virreyes. Every area baptized this week! It was really cool, although Satan turned the water off, and we had to fill the font the old fashioned bucket-hose style. I got a little sick of the jokes from the returned missionaries: ¨That´s how I had to do it in my mission.¨ But I was grateful for how many members and investigators attended.

Joel had a rough week leading up to the baptism. He´s been really excited to be baptized, because he thought that his ex-fiancé would see the changes that he´s making in his life, and be able to fix his family situation, but the day before his baptism- his birthday- they fought. Really bad. He called my companion (I was on splits) sobbing, to tell him that he wouldn´t get baptized the next day, The Spirit must have dropped a giant cane, because 20 mintues later, he called back saying that he prayed and felt like he had to get baptized. He was really humbled, but you could see the joy amidst the heart-break. He assured us that he won´t let the Devil get him. Hahaha, Joel is awesome. Pray for him though, because we feel like he´ll probably still have a few more trials before his confirmation.

Like I said, the Assistants are in my district. They are machines. I did quite a few splits with them to get all of the baptismal interviews done. They were really spiritual experiences, and I was really grateful to represent Jesus Christ in this great privlege. Elder Wade and Elder Pereira are great examples of how to be leaders with great love. They told me at the end of the mission that I was the kind of missionary who is ¨meek and humble, but powerful, and makes his moves with confidence.¨ It was a huge compliment, and I was impressed bytheir humility and power.

I love you all so much! I wish that I could tell you all of the amazing things that happened this week, but being out here on the mission has taught me more about the scripture John 21:25. There´s really no way to adequately describe the miracles that occur in the work of salvation. But it´s truely a miracle, and I´m eternally grateful for my call to serve. My our Heavenly Father bless you all. ¡Hurra por Israel!


Joel and Sofía´s baptisms. I´ll have to send you a cooler picture next week of all the people who were baptized together. ¡Aguante Virreyes!

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