Monday, August 17, 2015

October 20, 2014- ¡Feliz día, Mamá!


You might remember that Argentina is the only country in the world that celebrates Mother´s Day in October. Well that´s what we were doing yesterday. Except without the Skype. :/ Which is really the only reason why a missionary gets excited about Mother´s Day, because nobody else wants to talk to missionaires.

Anyway, Happy Mother´s Day, Mom. I love you! (You like that little kissing smiley face guy? I forgot about those things.)

So, this week was a little better than last week. Training´s an interesting thing, because you can go at it two ways. You can think ¨alright, kid, watch how it´s done.¨ And just plow through all the missionary work, dragging your hijo along, and hoping that he learns from your example (Shout out to my Dad, Elder Pirez. :) Just kidding, he doesn´t speak a word of English); or you can make him start working even when it´s uncomfortable and he doesn´t know the language. That´s what I´ve been trying to do more this week. We may be in a difficult area, but I feel like Elder Rogers is improving so much in his speaking ability. I like being a trainer. It´s insanely hard, but I´ve grown so much love for my companion, and I´ve learned a lot about myself.

This week was interesting, because we found ourselves teaching a lot more little kids than normal. I started to use the Gospel Art Book that the Church published a few years ago, and it was fun to see how something so simple like that got their attention. I was impressed by the innocence and willingness of these kids to follow Jesus, but was a little disheartened at times by the hipocrisy of their parents. While teaching the commandments to two recent converts, brother and sister, they excitedly shouted out the commandments, until they got to the fourth. ¨Keep the Sabbath Day Holy! We have to go to church, and not work or buy things. But I think we´re going to be breaking a commandment tomorrow for Mother´s Day, because Mom wants to go buyceviche since she´s Peruvian.¨ Are you kidding me? Peruvians may have awesome food, but that doesn´t mean God makes exceptions.

Please remember this: there is no excuse to not go to Church. Not even deliciousceviche, or asado. Nothing is more important than following God´s commandments- especially the one that renews our covenants that we break everyday by sinning and restore the eternal blessings that we lose by breaking them. Partake weekly of the Sacrament. Do. Not. Miss. It.

I love you guys. I hope that everything is going okay. I´ll be praying for you guys until my knees leave marks on the floor.

Hasta la próxima semana. ¡Hurra por Israel!

-Élder Goff

P.S. I forgot the camera adapter. :P Expect pictures next week.

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