Monday, August 17, 2015

September 29,2014- My dad died, and I wasn't even there to see it. :/


I have terrible news. As you may remember, all the missionaries here refer to their missions as if they were their lives. When you start you're "born" and when you end you "die". My "dad" (first companion out in the field) Elder Pirez, that Uruguayan that I didn't understand a word of, died by giving his farewell testimony in the mission despedida, and I wasn't even there. :/ Que descanse en paz, Élder Pirez.

Anyways, Hey! I'm glad you're all doing well. Shout out to Kyle Johnson. Way to finish like a stud. Remember when you left on your mission, I said that I would write you? Sorry. *Ahem* I guess I'm what the Argentines would call a "chavonaso" which would basically mean a big ol' punk. Again, sorry, bro. Let's go running later, but first I've got some work to do.

Elder McRory and I are panting to catch our breath. We tried to work hard this week, and walked more miles that I ran in summer XC. But no one came to church. Stupid rain. Chacarita's been rough on me, but I'm not gonna have any of it. I'm going to work until my shoes off until either the ward has so many baptisms it's translated like Zion, or I die trying. Mark my words. I'm not giving up.

We saw Miguel at the end of yesterday, Sunday night. We entered his building and started walking up the stairs with the intention of dropping him because he hadn't been keeping his commitments, wasn't there for the past few appointments, and missed church two weeks in a row. We saw his cousin who had long ago given up, walking down the stairs with another cigarette lit and his buddy with a bottle of Quilmes. We said hi to them, and continued on. Then a couple seconds later, Miguel comes down shyly with a smile on his face, and eyes clear of interference of tobacco or alcohol; He's keeping the word of wisdom. He asked us for a Bible because a few of the scriptures in "that blue book we gave him" had references to scriptures he couldn't find in there and he wants to look them up. The member we were with invited him to General Conference, and he got super excited, saying that it will be good to hear from modern-day prophets. Dang it man, make up your mind! Are you going to progress or not?

I love that guy, and I know he'll accept the Gospel. I'm grateful that the Spirit's helping us hang on to the Lord's elect that are ready to be baptized, but are just struggling in their situations. It's incredible to see the struggles that these people have to make, but act in faith and are blessed for it. Miguel's not the only one who showed miracles right when we were about to drop them. We have two or three other investigators like that, and though I'd love to just throw 'em in the water within three weeks like the mission expects, sometimes their Agency doesn't allow for that. I know that the Holy Ghost is the most active missionary in this work, and I'm so thankful that He's helping us out to know where we can most efficiently and effectively use our time.

I love you guys. Sorry the week wasn't too interesting picture-wise. I'll try to convince Chacarita to be a little more photogenic.

Les amo con toda mi vida. Hasta la próxima semana. ¡Hurra por Israel!

-Élder Goff

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