Monday, August 17, 2015

July 18, 2015- Paseo por Buenos Aires


Here I am in Capital, after a great day of President-approved sight-seeing and souvenior shopping. This is gonna be a quick one, because I´ve only got about 15 minutes before the train here leaves back to Derqui.

This was a pretty great week. That stud Alexis was confirmed this Sunday. His whole family was going to go and support him, but then at the last minute decided to stay home- even those who have been taking him to Church in the past. He woke up by himself two hours early, went to his neighbors who are members to be taken to Church. After he recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost, he gave a big handshake to everyone in the circle, and a big hug to Elder Cunningham and I. When we sat back down, I asked him how he felt. He gave me a faint smile, and said simply enough, ¨¡Feliz!¨ I love that. That´s how the Holy Ghost feels for me too.

AHH!! The train left! Sorry the letter´s so short, but I can´t be on the computer anymore (It´s technically not P-day anymore). I didn´t even I have time to read your letters. I love you all!

I´m going to talk again to the mission office about the time I´m coming home. August 7th is the most probable right now.


206- Walking on the newly paved roads in Derqui. Pretty soon it won´t be Barrolandia anymore! :O

251- Remember Kid History? ¨BUT! If you want TWO completos, it´s only two dollars. BUT! If you want THREE completos, it´s only three dollars!¨Well this is what they´re talking about. Thanks to the chilean hermana in our ward.

254- The classic Buenos Aires Obelisk.

262- Capital in all its craziness. Lemme tell you, I´m no city slicker.

269- We ate lunch in the Villa 1114! Finally I´ve been to all three of the big three villas in Buenos Aires. Elder Cunningham and I agree. After the mission, we´re moving back to Buenos Aires for a year.

282- The San Lorenzo Stadium! This little kid is adorable. I don´t even know him, but he took a picture with us anyway. :)

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