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September 15, 2014- We hablamos too much Spanglish

I hate rain.

Okay, I got out the negative, and I can focus again. ¡FAMILIA! How are you? This week was a little better than the last. We're slowly being blessed with more success, and I can see the pattern. If we keep working hard, I know that this area is gonna explode. Because that's how the Lord rolls.

The city's awesome, but sometimes, it's just rough, man. There's a lot of people who go "oh hey! You're Mormons? That's so cool! Yeah, I'd love to learn some more. You know what? I'm going to church. Give me the address of the church. No don't worry about coming to teach me, or contacting my friends, I'll give you all that info when I come to church." Then Sunday comes around and you're left wondering whether they got lost, they died, or they just downright lied to your face. Sometimes it's a bit hard to find the line between having faith and assuming the best in people, and just getting your hopes up. Anyway, we're going to work harder on being more bold with people, and keep looking for those elect that the Lord has promised are in our area.

I sure hope Miguel's one of them. He's this stud that was the only one who came to Church out of the hundreds of people that we invited to come to church / committed to coming with a careful respect for their agency  / passed by their house to drag them out of bed. Miguel's this humble guy from Paraguay who's living with his cousins in a room even smaller than my apartment. I love him so much, and I pray that he'll start progressing even more, because I know that the blessings are going to flood out of heaven as he keeps his commitments.

Dad, I told you that I'd take a picture of my study notes about the way the scriptures use the word "fear"... but I forgot. Dang it. Sorry. But while I was studying this morning I read Moses 7, which talks about Enoc's conversations with the Lord. It's really cool to note the difference in the success of Zion, and the enemies of God, as Zion feared God out of respect, humbled themselves, and repented; while it's enemies feared God out of seeing His power destroying the wicked. It makes me think of all the people I've met who wail about all the bad that happens in the world, throwing all the blame upon God, thus acknowledging His power, or "fearing" Him, but not repenting, and therefore just suffering more. But in reality, as Moses 7 continues, Heavenly Father shows so much sorrow for the destruction of even the worst of sinners, and Jesus Christ even begged to sacrifice Himself so that they didn't have to suffer (v. 39). All the while, Zion is prospering and slowly progressing to perfection until it was literally raised up off the earth and translated.

It's interesting how fear that develops faith and repentance brings you closer to God by keeping you humble, while fear sent from the devil does the exact opposite, alienating you from God.

Les amo un montonaso. ¡Que tengan una buena semana! ¡Hurra por Israel!

-Élder Goff

P.S. I don't remember. Is it normal to see old ladies in the street waving a machete around? We couldn't remember, so we just casually crossed the street and kept on walking. Hahaha yeah for South America.

1. I celebrated my birthday with Mario, the security guard in our building. He's super quiet, but gives us a hug and kisses us on the cheek everytime he sees us. We gave him some birthday cake, and the next day asked him how he liked it, and he said, "it was good, but there wasn't a whole lot." Hahaha, what a stud.
2. This is Elder Castillo's idea of a good birthday present. A face full of shaving cream while I'm trying to practice teaching.
3. Elder Zollinger and I got him back, don't worry. :)
4. This dog's name is Cano, but the Elder's call him Pokemon, because apparently he looks like a pokemon. I don't know, I guess I didn't play Pokemon enough. But he's clean and soft like an American dog, so I like him.
5. We didn't feel like proselyting, so we just explored Buenos Aires in normal clothes. Just kidding we were doing service.

6. From the top of my apartment building, if you look out on the horizon, you just see buildings forever. It's ridiculous, especially for a Utah boy like me. I took a video of it, but in case I can't send it, here's a picture of a little fraction of what I'm talking about.

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