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December 8, 2014-


I love you all so much! Thanks for you letters. Remember that Skype thing? (Of course you do. That´s all any of you guys talked about. Hahaha) Talk together and let me know when the best times would be to call home. I sent you the letter that has the mission approved times that I can call.

Last P-day, we went to check out the Buenos Aires Mosque. We almost met some of our 1,000,000th cousins 1,000 times removed. (Muslims trace their ancestory from Abraham through Ishmael, while we do through Isaac, so I guess we´re really distant cousins.) It was closed, but we took some cool pictures anyway. Then we headed off to see the U.S. embassy, but we couldn´t take any pictures, because apparently 3 gringo missionaries screaming excitedly like little kids at the American Flag with a confused Peruvian off to the side is a terrorist threat or something. So the security guard asked us to put our cameras away. Oh well.

This week was incredible. Really hard, but I´m so impressed with all of the miracles that God put into our path. Check this out: We got a referral from some sister missionaries with a house number that didn´t exist. (The sisters later said they don´t know why they sent the referral. They had no idea where this person lived. They practically just made up an address and sent it.) We were kind of bummed about it, but we decided to talk with the family next door, and invite them to the ward Christmas party. Elias, Lucas, and Carlos all came, and dominated soccer. Like for real. Remember the World Cup semi finals? Well they were Germany, and the young men of the ward were Brazil. Ouch. But they had a ton of fun, and now the family´s interested in the Church. (Except the Dad, Gustavo. He´s got a beef with Joseph Smith, but is cool if we come by to talk to the family. Pray for him please.)
After the lesson, the daughter of the family had a lot of doubts like her Dad, and I heard Margarita (her mom) explaining to her that "the Catholics say one thing about God, the Evangelists something else, the Jehovah´s Witnesses another, and the Mormons another. All they´re saying is that we have to ask God Himself." What a capa! Props to our Investigator-missionary.

Alonzo´s boss gave him a new work schedule, and then punched him in the face (figuratively, don´t worry). He had to work a minimum of 12 hours a day, often more, for the week. He was exhausted, but still tried everything he could to make time for our lessons and reading the Book of Mormon, but Sunday he died and couldn´t wake up. Poor little guy. He felt so bad that he missed church. I hope that the Sandman gets hit by a truck next Sunday morning.

I love you guys so much! If you haven´t already, check out the He is the Gift video on and share it with everyone. Flood my Facebook with it just like the Church did to YouTube. (The Church is the only advertiser on YouTube from now until Christmas. Woo!) I know that Jesus Christ is the first and most important reason that we have Christmas, and I´m so happy to declare that in a world that´s forgotten that.

¡Hurra por Israel!

-Elder Goff

P.S. Pictures! 

1723- Us and the soccer studs/golden investigators: Elias, Lucas, and Carlos

1715 and 1716- Not as cool as the temple, but they did their best. :)

1722- Elder Zollinger and Elder Viera with their REDICULOUSLY golden investigator family. They practically begged to get baptized as soon as they can. Here they are enjoying the ward Christmas dinner.

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