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November 10, 2014- I can't think of a catchy title. Just know that I love you guys!

¡Hola familia!

Thanks for your letters this week! They were really positive, and something that lifted my spirits pretty high. This week was pretty interesting. Up and down like normal, but we were kinda left on Sunday not really knowing what to think.

I did divisions with an incredible Elder that I look up to a lot: Elder Bamgartner from Heber. He's in an area even rougher than Chacarita, but his faith and work ethic is not suffering in the slightest. Our plans fell through like crazy, but we saw a few small miracles as well. We also had a good chat with an inactive member from Paraguay, and I even got to invite him back to Church in a little Guarani I've picked up (the national indian language from Paraguay). Vai shupá? She hae misionero. Ya'ha tupãope! (How are you? I'm a missionary. Let's go to Church!)

Did I ever tell you guys about Yanet and Bertha? I don't remember. They're sisters from Perú (shout out, Ry-guy) who've moved here a few months ago. In order to tell their story I'm going to have to explain the basic types of slums here in the big city. You've already heard about the Villas. Those are pretty open, and obviously slums. And they're awesome. I'm moving to Villa 31 for a year or two after the mission. ;) Acasa tomada is like an indoor villa in disguise. It's typically a giant building that looks like all the rest, but nobody owns it, and so it gets claimed by who ever gets there first. Finally, the kind where Yanet and Bertha live: the pasillo which is basically a tiny villa wedged into the giant buildings in the city. They're really weird, because the streets of Capital seem so nice and elegant sometimes, and the only thing blocking the sin-filled poverty of the pasillos is a little door. It's another world in there.

Well we've been teaching them usually in the plaza that I sent a picture of, and they're progressing pretty well. Yanet has strong desires to be baptized, and as a young single mother, needs to gosepl in her life to help her raise her family. They were excited all week to go to Church, and already have a few friends from the ward. We were excited too, until we got a call from the member that was going to pick them up. They said that some drunks were hung-over and threatening to burn the house down, so it would probably be better to stay home. I was really down about that, but they'll be hopefully "upgrading" to Villa Fraga this next week, where there are still drunks, but they at least don't try to burn down the whole freaking pasillo.

President has been trying to pump up the whole mission so that we can end the year with a ton of miracles. His vision is incredible, and he inspires us to reach the level of success that the Lord wants for His children in the Buenos Aires North Mission to bring to Him as many souls as possible. We have the incredible blessing of hearing, in several conferences, from the Area Presidency, a member of the Seventy, and a member of the Quorum of the Twelve! I'm excited for that, and I can't wait to get back to do everything I can as a representative of the only True and Living God!

I love you all. ¡Hurra por Israel! 
-Élder Goff

P.S. Pictures

1. Zona Belgrano

2. The "mountain" of the mission as president described it. Don't you dare tell me where I'm at. I'm in denial. :P

3. Buenos Aires' rip off of Central Park. It's actually pretty cool. :)

4. Elder Bamgartner and I after divisions.

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