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December 30, 2014- Moving on in the New Year


First things are first. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!!! and... HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Don't worry, I have nine little balloons filled with confetti and my new companion already gave me the green light to do the ridiculous tradition. I'm determined to keep this tradition alive. Ridiculous Goff New Years Parties since 2000.

So like I said transfers came around, after what we call "Eternal Monday" when everyone's feeling anxious to see what's going to happen for the next six weeks. I got a call from President, and he let me know that he wants me to head to Virreyes 3 with Elder Micanquer from Colombia. He's an awesome Elder who will be ending the mission this transfer, and President wants me to prepare the area to reassume my proud role as father in a couple months. That means I have to get the nursury ready with plenty of new toys, clean area book, and happy members that are willing to work with us so that Elder Roger's future younger brother has a good experience.

Elder Rogers got a new companion, Elder Hogge, who promised he'd take good care of my son. Elder Viera stayed back in Chacarita also. Elder Zollinger will be the new mission Secretary. You know where? Virreyes. That's right. I just can't get rid of this kid. We'll be serving in the same ward again, for the 6th transfer. We've never been companions, but we've become like brothers. He jokingly said to another Elder that we're never gonna seperate, because we're practically sealed in the temple.

The last week in Chacarita was pretty awesome. None of our investigators came to Church, but the Lord blessed us with 2 people who came by themselves. At the end of Eternal Monday, we also had an awesome talk with a former investigator about the new change that Christ wants them to make now that it's the New Year. We talked about Matthew 11:28-29, and invited her to be baptized. She admitted that she always wanted to be baptized, but just wanted to get to know the Church better, and had bad habits Sunday morning. But she recommited to coming to Church and excitedly accepted the invitation to witness a baptism of another lady after the meetings. I'm so happy that the new Elders will have somewhere solid to start off on back there.

Virreyes is an area in Provincia, so I finally left the big Capital. We're about 10 minutes from the Mission Headquarters, and it's an interesting place. A few months ago, it was a struggling little branch. But when the Church built a brand new chapel that's even nicer than the old one in San Fernando, Virreyes exploded into a thriving ward. I'm excited to get to work here. With 9 missionaries here (3 mission office secrataries, 2 Zone Leaders, Us, and a married missionary couple) I feel very blessed to be a part of an incredible team.

I love you so much guys, and I hope that everything is going well. I'm praying like crazy for you all, and I hope you had an awesome Christmas. Pop a couple of confetti filled balloons with me for old time's sake.

-Élder Goff

P.S. Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, and Happy New Year. Here's a boat load of pictures. :)

1797- My last District Meeting in Zona Belgrano
1830- Some old comps at the Christmas Party. Elder Critchlow and Elder Bobadilla were companions at one point as well!
1845- With Presidente and Hermana Ayre
1847- The Bravo familia from Liniers (Alex, Consuelo, Nicole, and Kiara) sent me this for Christmas through the Elders that are in Liniers right now. How nice is that of them? :)
1855- Christmas Dinner. :)
1894- Elder Rogers and I with our traded ties. Aww. They grow up so fast.
1895- Elder Micanquer and I. What a stud.
1875- Thanks for the Christmas gifts to me and Elder Rogers. I've offically chosen a side in this ridiculous soccer club feud. But not with Boca or River the two big ones, but the team that the Pope and the guy who plays Aragorn on Lord of the Rings support and have the same colors as Real Salt Lake. ¡Dale, San Lorenzo!

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