Monday, August 17, 2015

May 18, 2015- 146 Temples and Counting


You gotta love Internet Cafe´s in Provincia. But it´s one of those
¨tough-love¨ kinda things. Tobacco smoke in the air, sounds police
sirens from video games like Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed,
terrible Reggaeton music, and stray dogs stroking your legs and
barking at you. Five stars!

Anyways, Derqui´s still the bomb. Except the bikes. The bike seat
twists backwards to a 120 degree angle, the handlebars come loose
sometimes, and the bike chain comes off every five blocks. Oh how I
wish that was an exaggeration. It´s so bad that when the older Elders
of the area left it unattended, a theif stole the helmet and the
chain, but didn´t even bother with that old piece of rusted aluminum.
I´ll have to send you a picture once I get my camera fixed (that´s
right. It´s back in a coma.).

But Tita is doing awesome. She´s really opened up to us, and still
accepts everything we teach her. She´s excited to be baptized and
confirmed a member of the Church. She came to the Córdoba Temple
Dedication Cultural Event with her friend. Thanks for praying for her.

The Córdoba Temple Dedication was so incredible. I admit that I wanted
to cry so hard watching the excitement and rejoicing of those faithful
saints of my second favorite country in the world, but I manned up and
held those tears back. I felt the Spirit so strongly, and I prayed
intensely that my Heavenly Father would forgive me of my faults so
that I could live worthily to participate in this glorious work for
all of eternity. One of my favorite parts was when President Uctdorf
called for the children to come forward and help seal the cornerstone.
Two little boys ran through the gardens, ducked underneath the
guiderail, and popped up right next to President Uctdorf, while all
the others took the long way around on the sidewalk. President Uctdorf
laughed and sayed ¨Well it looks like these two found a shortcut!¨ I
hope I´m always that eager to follow the call of all my Priesthood
Leaders. It doesn´t matter how simple our calling, it´s all part of
the Lord´s work. What a couple of little studs.

I love you all so much. A lot of you asked me to pray for various
reasons. Believe me that I will. I have faith that all will be well.
Please continue to pray for me, that the work of Salvation will
increase and the success will be more rapid. Time´s running out, and
our brothers and sisters need our help. May our Heavenly Father bless
you all.

¡Hurra por Israel!

-Élder Goff

P.S. No pictures. Sorry. Stupid cameras. :P #NeverBuyIndustriaArgentina

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