Monday, August 17, 2015

June 29, 2015- It´s rainy season again.

You know how many people came to Church on Sunday? 33. In a ward that normally has 100 or so attendance, you could look at that synically like ¨What, do the members think that after baptism, they should never get wet at Church again?¨ or like Elder Guy said, ¨Wow, what a miracle that 33 faithful members came to renew their covenants in such terrible weather.¨ I´ll try to look at things as positively as that from now on. Also I made a promise that I will never make an excuse to renew my covenants on Sunday, even if it means walking in puddles to Church knee deep, wondering if the leaky roof back home is going to collapse and flood the house. (´Cuz that´s what I thought on Sunday.)

It´s been wet. But we saw miracles anyway. We have three investigators progressing well towards baptism: Gastón, Alexis, and Tamara. They are awesome, and in their prayers always ask that ¨the missionaries can come and teach us more.¨ I feel so loved. :´) We sometimes play a game to see who will say the prayer that goes like this: We go around in a circle naming bodies of water (ocean, river, waterfall, etc.) the idea is to go until one of the investigators who is usually too shy to pray says lago (the word for lake, but also a pun for la hago, or ¨I´ll say it¨ [the prayer]). When that happens, Elder Cunningham, and I say ¨oh, okay, great!¨ And bow our heads while all the kids snicker. Well we were playing that, and I thought Elder Cunningham said ¨Seattle¨ as if it were a body of water. Remembering how rainy it was when we lived there, I about died laughing. Hahaha

Maxi´s parents haven´t budged in their stubborness, and when we tried to talk to them, they refused and left us out in the rain. I sincerely pray for Maxi, but there´s not anything we can do at this time to help him get baptized. We´re still going to give him a CD with the Book of Mormon in Audio, and hope that time will soften his parents´ hearts.

Heavenly Father loves us. He really does. I testify to you all the most sincerely that I can through this lifeless, digital, text that our Father in Heaven, and His glorified Son Jesus Christ, are anxiously awaiting for us to apply the Atonement and come unto them. I know that this Church is true. It´s the greatest honor I´ve ever had to be a representative of it, and invite people to enjoy the fullness of the restored Gospel. I love you all. Hasta la próxima semana. ¡Hurra por Israel!

-Élder Goff


0099- Damaris (she was confirmed a few weeks ago, and is one of the super faithful members who came soaking wet to Church) made us a pie that was delicious.

0100- Luz, the girl who also recently got confirmed. We´re helping her learn how to read, and she has successfully read the front cover, and two short verses! What a stud.

 0102- Omygosh! Sister Ayre, President´s Wife, brought some medicine for my companion the other day. Do you know what else she brought? Sunshine and happiness wrapped in chocolate: REESE´S! FROM AMERICA! :)

0109- Elder Gutierrez (from Chile) with his ¨cake¨ made out of Chilean Ding-dongs

0111- La familia Casco. They give us dinner every Sunday. They´re getting sealed in a couple of weeks. They´re awesome!

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