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October 13,2014- More rantings from the old man with the tie in Argentina


*pant*, *pant*, *stretch*, *sound of old man cracking his back*, *groan*. I made it through the first week as a dad. Still as excited, but a lot more exhausted. Training combined with a few more assignments that President´s asked me to take on really just smacked me in the face with responsibility. My journal is really whining for some TLC. Poor little thing. When I get the time.

*splash some water in the face* Okay. HEY! I´m so glad that you´re weeks were good for the most part! Thanks for the letters of support, and good experiences. Chacarita´s just as stubborn as ever, but I´m gonna keep pushing. It kinda seems like the more I push, the more it slows down. No one came to Church, and Miguel, our only progressing investigator, went to Formosa to look for his family and bring them here. But we had a good chat with some member families who are really excited to help us put on a ward activity to jump start the excitement in the members and try to milk out a few references and reactivate a few menos activos. That´s given me the boost I needed to keep on trucking.

I haven´t even introduced you to my new companion yet. The stud´s name is Elder Rogers, he´s 18 years old, from Bountiful, and the poor guy´s eyes are as wide as mine were when I arrived in San Ignacio. Welcome to Argentina, Elder! Let´s go contact drunk people in the villa. Hahaha! We have a good time together, and the Zone Leaders are being good uncles and helping me out.

After Sunday, I was trying to put on my best trainer ¨its all good¨ smile, but inwardly I was feeling kinda down that once again nobody came to Church. I couldn´t stop thinking about all the people that said yes, and didn´t come, and even the kid I begged to come to church through the closing door as he stared at me from his bed in the corner. It seems like all week we´re inviting people to come to church, we make plans, and they whimp out. Suddenly I felt the Spirit whisper ¨You see? It hurts when people let you down, doesn´t it?¨ Then I started thinking of all the prayers I´ve said kneeled down in the dark, promising that tomorrow I´ll talk with everyone on the street, follow every Spiritual prompting, and when game time comes, I stare at my Agenda while walking to our next plan, and ignore the guy plainly staring at our nametags. Come on, Elder Goff. What are you doing?

The Lord´s hearing all your prayers and all my prayers for Chacarita. Thanks for praying. Please forgive me for being the biggest obstacle for the progression here. I´ve recommited, and I hope for more interesting spiritual experiences in the week to come.

I love you guys. Hasta la próxima semana. ¡Hurra por Israel!

-Élder Goff

P.S. Pictures

1. I don´t think I´m ever going to be able to give myself a good haircut. :P

2. Elder McRory and I in the back of Villa Fraga

3. Two weeks ago the Zone Leaders and I raced to the Temple as they went in Subway and we went on the bus. We got there like an hour before everyone. So we fist bumped and took this cool picture with the sunrise.
4. Elder Rogers and I on his first day in the field.
5. His first Alfajor. Aww, he´s gonna eat so many of those for the next two years. 

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