Monday, August 17, 2015

June 16, 2015- Six more weeks in Derqui


Transfers came. I get six more weeks in Derqui! Elder Bassett left, and Elder Gutierrez from Chile is the newbie in the pension; it will be good to get this English-speaking apostasy out of there. I´ve realized that my accent evolves depending on who I´m around most often, and I´ve been around good old Yankees for too long. I can´t really play the whole ¨guess where I´m from¨ game anymore. Poor old Elder Gutierrez though. My prankster natural man convinced us to ambush him as he arrived to the apartment with Aerosol Artificial Snow that they sell here for Carnaval. (I took a video, but it´s too big to send.) Luckily he was a good sport, and we helped him soak his companion.

Elder Cunningham and I were analyzing the last transfer: 0 baptisms, and 6 confirmations. How does that happen? We couldn´t help but laugh. Satan worked hard to postpone the baptisms, so we found the people who were baptized, but didn´t have the gift of the Holy Ghost, and confirmed them. Basically we slapped Satan in the side of the head while he wasn´t looking and ran off with some of the people he thought he´d lured off. As far as we know, the baptized-but-not-confirmed crisis in Derqui has been taken care of. Heavenly Father has been good to us.

This last week was slowish. We´ve met some good people, and are in the proccess of filtering through those who God gave to us to plant a seed, and those who are truely prepared to accept the Gospel. Nothing breaks my heart more than dropping an investigator, but I know that Heavenly Father constantly has all of His children in mind, and if we act faithfully and follow the Spirit, we will do His will and find those He needs us to. Luckily Maxi, Tita, and a few others who are stuck in a rut on their way to baptism are still coming to Church, reading the scriptures, and praying. I´m praying hard for this transfer to be their time.

I´m starting to come to terms with it, and I think I´ll admit it. Yes, this is my final transfer. (Plus the little few day extension bonus for the Bravo family sealing.) But just because I´m admitting it now, please no count-downs. I´m still fragile. :) Last night I made the renewed resolve to be 100% obedient. I´ve never been what you might call ¨disobedient¨, but this time I´m throwing all the possible excuses away, and exact obedience is going to be my number one priority. (Okay, Moroni says it should be number 2. Moroni 7:46) But I want this last transfer to be a gift to my Beloved Father in Heaven to show Him my infinite gratitude for my favorite two years of the life He´s given me.

I love you all so much. Thanks for your love, support, and patience with my spiritual growth. I hope this week is spectaular for all of you. ¡Hurra por Israel!

P.S. I got a new Camera! It´s a Kodak, so I hope it´s built to last.

0051- All the food people gave me from the Despedida. I´m really grateful, but this is getting ridiculous.

0032- Rodrigo, one of the kids we helped get confirmed. He´s crazy, but worthy.

0033- Alfredo, a stud I taught in the Villa 31. He´s since been baptized, recieved the Priesthood, and continues to be active. I love this guy.

0036- Mini reunion with Elder Ortega, and Máxima and Selena from Virreyes.

0037- Consuelo wanted to take a picture with me and President.

0039- Elder Zollinger ends today. :/ I´ve shared a ward with this guy for half the mission. He goes back to West Point right before I get home, so I probably won´t be seeing him again. Good luck, buddy.

0048- Elder Sanderson and I were buddies in High School. He ends today too, poor guy. (Someone called me right as we were taking the picture.)

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