Monday, August 17, 2015

July 20, 2015- Feeling really grateful....


This week was an interesting one. There are a lot of delays in the progress of our investigators, and for now at least, no one is progressing. Gastón´s got caught in some kind of rut that he can´t figure out. He knows he should be baptized, he wants to be baptized, he has permission to be baptized, he knows that Heavenly Father wants him to be baptized, but he just couldn´t take the leap of faith. I love that kid, and I´m praying my heart out for him. But I´m trying to keep the bigger perspective and remember the need to work in the area until the end. The work in Derqui 1´s not going to end just because I do, so I´m not going to stop working until I´m forced to.

I can´t get a hold of the Bravo Family to know if they have an appointment for their sealing, and I can´t even get a hold of the missionaries in Liniers. The offices told me that if I can´t get a hold of them today, I´ll have to come home on the 30th. Neither one is answering. I think the fight to extend the mission is over. See you all on July 30th. :´)

President called me on the phone this morning to talk about some stuff with the zone and paused at the end of the call. He said. ¨Wow. Elder, are you really at this point?¨ I quietly muttered ¨yeah.¨ ¨I can´t believe it,¨ he replied. I can´t believe it either, President. I´ve been denying it for a long time. But it´s sinking in now, and it´s as bitter-sweet as a WarHead.

I have to tell you all that your emails and support have been an incredible blessing. I´m going to be straight up and just say that I don´t want to end. Everyone in the mission knows that. But you guys, Heavenly Father, and even me- deep down- all know that I have to come home and start the next part of the Lord´s work. The miracles that I´ve seen on the mission are too many to count, but the miracles that I´ve read in your letters remind me that God is the same God back in Highland, Utah as He is here in la Gran Misión Argentina Buenos Aires Norte. He´ll still love Brother Goff as much as He does ÉlderGoff. And both of us will be forever grateful for this incredible opportunity to serve the God of Israel. ¡Hurra por Israel!

-Élder Goff

P.S. Pictures

0343 and 0345-  Even at this point in my mission, the humility of these people astounds me. We were teaching a lesson with a really humble family in what they call the kitchen (lean-to shack, lacking a wall, with a tarp as a roof with a campfire in the middle of the floor, no refrigerator, no pantry, and a small, little stove.) At the end of the lesson, the mom stood up and shyly told us that she wanted to share a dinner that she made for us, and gave us a deliciously bland guiso. I will never forget the meekness on her face, and Elder Cunningham and I couldn´t stop telling her how good her plain food was.

0348- I´ve been pretty much the only fan of San Lorenzo my whole mission. Today we showed up to play soccer with the zone, and what do you know? Three San Lorenzo fans! Woohoo!

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