Monday, August 17, 2015

February 23, 2015- Buena Semana


This was a really good week. There's nothing like kneeling down Sunday night (the end of the proselyting week), and feeling like you've worked hard, that things are starting to get better, and recieve revelation for things that you can improve. Virreyes 3 is progressing, and I'm so proud of it. *Gently wipes away tear.*

Elder Ortega is still as studly as ever, and is teaching me something new everyday. I really admire his desire to talk to everyone. We're not a tracting mission, and it's drilled into our heads that we should work through the members, but he doesn't let that become an excuse for not talking to the people that the Lord puts into our path each day.

The bad news is, Satan is trying to kill our investigators. María (who I found out is a great-great-grandmother!!) was deathly ill a few weeks ago, but after giving her a blessing while she was recovering, she told us that she had never felt so calm. She fell and hurt her knee. But, bless her heart, when she got back up, she bravely told us that she wasn't going to miss Church for anything. If everything goes well, she should be baptized this Sunday.

Another investigator that came to Church suddenly started having some kind of convulsions in the middle of the meeting. A few members starting treating her for shock, while we called the Ambulance. Freaking Argentine Paramedics take FOREVER. Emergency services didn't even answer us the first few times we called. We called over one Ambulance that drove by and told them the situation, but they told us that they "don't do that kind of work". By the time the Ambulance finally came, the First Counselor had everything under control, and Alissia was conscious, and seated by the open window and doing much better. It was all pretty dramatic, but it was quite the fellowshipping activity. Now everyone knows her. :)

Thanks for all that you guys are doing. I love you so much. Thanks for your prayers too. I'm seeing miracles here, and I'm so grateful for a ward that is so focused on Missionary Work. I testify that there is something for all of us to do, and that the Lord's Work only works if misisonaries and members are working together. Have a great week.

¡Hurra por Israel!

-Élder Goff

P.S. The camera's still in a coma, but here's some pictures I took from other people's cameras.

1380- Elder Ortega and I in Tigre before playing soccer. A little kid wearing the same shirt as me yelled super excited, pointing to me "Mom! He's a fan of San Lorenzo!" and gave me a high five.

1370- The Virreyes chapel. This is HUGE for chapel standards down here. 

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