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November 18, 2014- No subject


How are you all!? This week was absolutely in-SANE! Mom, you don't have to worry about your scrapbooks having too little of pictures, because I took more than a 16-year old girl who just discovered Instagram. (That's still a thing, right?)

First off, remember that stud I talked about from the MTC who went to West Point for two years with Elder Zollinger, and was my district leader? Yeah, him. Elder Witter. Guess what happened. He freaking slept in our apartment for a day! He and a like 6 other missionaries had to do some kind of paperwork for the army that they can only do in Buenos Aires, so he had to fly from Rosario to do it. He's more studly than ever, but keep him in your prayers, please. Some crazy stuff's happening in his mission. For now, let's just after a few problems with some missionaries, he has to be a companionless zone leader/district leader. The Lord and his mission president must trust him so much.

Transfers came and went. They didn't take my kid away from me, so I'm happy. But we had to say chau to E' Castillo who's going to re-open the most dangerous area in the mission. E' Viera from Perú came to join the party in Chacarita.

Ry-guy, this next part's for you. I GOT YOUR LETTER!!! I was so happy, you have no idea. I'm so impressed with your trilingual fluency (English, Spanish, and our Brother Language. I laughed my head off at all your YouTube quotes. How in the world do we remember all those?) Although, I have to say, that I did not appreciate you calling me "tú". (See the picture attached for an explanation why.) ALSO! One of the Peruvian families in the ward invited us over for FHE with some of their nonmember friends. And then they gave us 3 foot Super-mega-hot dogs. They were delicious.

Okay. Let's get down to spiritual business. Elder Christofferson of the 12 came with Elder Walter L. Gonzalez (Area President), Elder Craig C. Christensen (President of the 70) and two other area 70s to talk to our mission and Buenos Aires West. (Got to see Elder Tavyn Woodall, capo.) It was incredible. He served in the Argentina North Mission with one of the senior missionaries here, and still speaks fluently (as does Elder Christensen). I was impressed by his confidence that he has in the missionaires, as he joked that as we all sing "We thank Thee, Oh God, for a prophet," that the prophets sing "We thank Thee, Oh God, for the missionaries." That was the hardest pat on the back I've ever recieved.

Yanet, Berta, and her boyfriend, Oscar all came to church! Yanet is excited for her baptism this next week, and we had an awesome lesson with Oscar, who wasn't all that interested at first. Elder Rogers and I were astounded by all his golden questions. I felt like it was staged, and we were filming something for the Church, because his questions came just at the right moment so that we could flow to the next point thatPreach My Gospel has us teach. After like 4 or 5 seconds after every question, I heard Elder Rogers excitedly go "ooooooohhhhh!" under his breath as he realized what Oscar just asked. Haha! My son makes me laugh so hard. Anyways, we helped them out of the pasillo, and now they're safe and sound in Villa Fraga. If you can help me pray for them, they're looking for a good place where Oscar can live too, because the place that they're in doesn't allow dads. (It doesn't make absolutely any sense, I know. But neither does Satan's opposition to their progress towards baptism.)

Whew! I couldn't fit a few things in here, but I'm alive and well in Chacarita. In fact, I'm excited to work a few more knots into my back because I love the Lord's work so much. (My back is turning into a gravel pit.) I love you all so much! I know that this Church is true, and that it holds the only Preisthood of God so necessary to our salvation, and Eternal welfare of our families! Thanks for all that you're doing, and keep striving to improve and become more like Jesus Christ!

Hasta la proxima semana. ¡Hurra por Israel!

P.S. Pictures

1. Elder Witter!!!
2. Mom, remember when you told me that we should clean the apartment, and I said "Hey, we don't have cockroaches yet..."? Well that's officially not true anymore. We found this little guy dead after a long struggle. We cleaned the heck outta here though, so it's all good again.
3. My Agenda for this transfer
4. Check this baby out.
5. This doesn't make a whole lot of sense unless you speak spanish, but in Argentina, there are three forms of the word "you". To latinos, they're practically interchangeable, and the rules to use them have almost been lost, but for us missionaries, they're like this: Usted is what you use to refer to everyone, because it's formal and respectful towards adults.  is what you use towards little kids who don't understand the wayusted works. Vos is the Argentine form of , but a LOT less formal. We're only allowed to use it when talking to dogs.

6. This stud came to the Despedida this transfer. William lives in Matheu, my old area. His family was sealed in the temple recently, and that news made me the happiest I have ever been. Our Heavenly Father's Plan is truely great!

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