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December 15, 2014- Mom, It's You're Favorite Sunday of the Year!


As Elder Christofferson said this last General Conference: "¡Muy buenos días!"

Mom, this last Sunday was your favorite of the entire week! The Primary Program. If you thought little squeeky English voices was adorable, just wait until you've heard it in Spanish. But man, it was powerful, too. They sang an incredible song at the end called La familia es de Dios that I hadn't heard before. The Spirit hit me so hard. I love the Gospel, and I love you guys too! I think I'll keep you.

Quick little funny story. We read the Mission Manual every morning as a part of Companionship Study right? Right. So there's little scriptures after every section right? Right. Well Elder Rogers starts reading DyC 4:2 "O vosotros que os embarcáis en el servicio de Dios." But slipped up the word "embarcáis" (embark) for "embarazáis" (get pregnant). "O ye that get pregnant in the service of God..." *the three of us die laughing* No! *puff* No, no no no! *laughing* Try that again, Elder! *laughing* That's one for the quote book.

I wish I had something to report on Alonzo and the Daix family, but Alonzo's been buried alive in work all week, and then in his sheets Sunday morning. Keep praying for the Daix family too. I think their Dad got to them, and now the mom doesn't want to see us, though all the little kids yell out "Elder Goff! Elder Rogers!" when they see us. Stupid Satan. Stupid Sandman. Leave my investigators alone! Yanet moved to Perú. :/ Really suddenly, but she assured us that she's going to get married with her boyfriend, or dump him, and we're sending her records up there.

But on the flip-side, the other Elders in Chacarita are exploding. They had two baptisms this past week with ridiculously prepared people, and several more in the next few weeks. One man named Sandro came to the Chapel on Tuesday when Elder Rogers and I just so happened to be there. He said that Elder Viera invited him to Church, and he got confused what day it was. The poor guy was hung over, hadn't eaten in 3 days (other than the sandwich E' Viera and E' Zollinger gave him), lost his job, and lost his family, but wanted to change his life. We had a powerful lesson with him about the Book of Mormon, and about baptism, but to be perfectly honest, I wasn't expecting a lot from it. It's really common to have drunks beg for help, one day, and continue as if nothing happened the next. But he came to Church Sunday, eyes clear of alcohol, he got a job, he was weeping for joy, shouting "I'm going to get my family back, and bring them all to this Church!" It's only been a week, but I'm astonished by the changes this guy's made. He'll be baptized the 28th of December. The Gospel is true, and it changes lives.

Remember Louis? We saw him in the street the other day. He's doing awesome! He got the Priesthood and blessed the sacrament yesterday. He's living proof that Sandro can make the same changes. The Atonement is incredible. I know that we can change through Repentance, but it takes an entire dedication to drop anything that even has "the appearance of evil." (1 Thessalonians 5:22)

I love you guys. I can't wait to Skype. Hasta la próxima semana. ¡Hurra por Israel!

-Élder Goff


 1780- Birthday lunch in the Epiphania Family's house. And that usually means mini food fight.

1781- This is an incredible Cemetary in Chacarita. We weren't aloud to take pictures, but it's a city in here, with buildings, streets, cars, air conditioned tombs, churches, and everything. I'm convinced that the dead come to life at night and just keep on living like normal.

1773 Elder Zollinger and Elder Viera in his new Boca jersey we got him for his birthday.

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