Monday, August 17, 2015

September 22, 2014- Please wait for the train is fully stopped.

My favorite part about being in Capital is the rich people who think they´re super fancy if they speak English, and it just comes out in a poorly translated miss-fire. The subject line is what the new fancy train that goes through our area tells us before stopping at every station. Good job, Buenos Aires.
I gotta tell a story that has nothing to do with anything just for the kicks. Elder McRory and I walked past the car dealership today that has already tried to sell me a car twice. Right when we walk by, the glass door jumps off of its hinges and slams on to the ground, shattering into a million pieces like it just became water. I´m not kidding, no one touched it, or was even near it. It was the weirdest thing ever. We just look at each other and yell out the first Brian Regan quote that comes to our minds about the little kids trying to fix something broken before the Mom finds out: ¨Get some leaves!¨ Hahaha, that kid´s become one of my best friends.
This week was rough again, but I think it´s like one of those jars that I would struggle with, and then hand to Mom, who pops the lid right off and tells me ¨you just gotta be smarter than the lid.¨ We´ve been fasting and praying for the Spirit to help us out with that, and I think this sucker´s about to come off. Miguel didn´t come to church, but still wants to get baptized. We´re just getting worried that the job that he was blessed with last week is getting in the way of us teaching him during the week.
On the bright side, when we were walking out of Villa Fraga, guess who I saw in the streets? Gladys the capa-recent-convert-missionary! I almost tackled her, but I kept myself under control and gave her the most loving handshake I could muster. She had a work meeting in Chacarita, and is doing great. Her best friend Crispina got baptized, and they´re both still active and happy in the Church. I´m so happy for them. Elder Rosazza also emailed me this week, telling me that all of the people we saw become converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Liniers are doing well. I´m so grateful for their faithfulness, and continue to pray for them.
Ry-guy, you´re a stud. Congrats on the baptism! DyC 18:15-16.
I´ve started a new in-depth study. My MTC teacher suggested this a long time ago, and it´s been in the back of my mind ever since then. I´m going to find a scripture for every statement in Preach My Gospel chapter 3. It´s incredible even after just barely starting to see how scripturally sound the missionary lessons are, and how absolutely inspired it is. But above all, I´m so grateful for the knowledge that what I´m teaching is directly inline with God´s revealed word. I know that this is His Church upon the Earth, and I will be forever grateful for Jesus Christ´s sacrifice and living prophets that testify that God still speaks.
Love you all, ¡hurra por Israel!
-Élder Goff
P.S. Pictures:

1. We went to a restaraunt to celebrate Elder Zollinger´s and my birthday (we share birthdays). It was funny when Elder Castillo asked President if we could leave the zone for P-day. President feels strongly about all the Latinos learning English, so Elder Castillo asks ¨President, we want to go to follow the cow.¨ It´s just silent for a while, and then President Ayre realizes he was talking about Siga la Vaca the restaurant. Haha, what a stud.

2. Elder McRory, Elder Zollinger, Elder Adcock, Elder Castillo, Elder Jewett, and me following the cow.

3. A pigeon finally pooped on me. I´ve been expecting it for a while, but I was disturbed by how refreshing it felt running down my arm. Bleh. :P

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