Monday, August 17, 2015

March 30, 2015- Because He lives, we will also all live again.


I´ll be honest, I was planning on pulling another April Fool´s Joke, but reading your letters, I´m not really in the mood anymore. I´m still happy in the mission, but I´m pretty sad to hear that Brother Ott passed away this past Friday. He was one of my greatest heroes, and I looked forward to home teaching him every month. I will never forget that even after over 60 years of marriage, he and Sister Ott still loved each other enough to awkwardly flirt in front of their uncomfortable 14 year-old home teacher. I love you Brother and Sister Ott. See you soon in the Celestial Kingdom. :´)

This week was awesome. Elder Rios, is a stud. I can´t believe how lucky I am to train three superstars in a row. Elder Rios is from El Paso, Texas. Born 100% ´Murican, but with pure Mexican blood in his ancestory. He´s the epitome of a Spanglish speaking Tex-Mex, and I love him to death. Sometimes I look at him standing there at 5 feet tall, and I just have to hug him for no reason other than he´s just so dang studly. We´ve been working hard, and bless his heart, he´s a bit surprised by Missionary Life. During one lunch that we practically ran to, he had a distant look on his sweating face. Suddenly he looked at me, and said in his adorable chicano accent ¨Oh, wow, Elder. This is going to be like a two year workout.¨ That it will be, Elder. And you better enjoy every second of it, because it goes by way too fast.

This weekend Alisia was confirmed a member of the only true Church of Jesus Christ. I have had a lot of fun teaching Alisia, because she is so humble, and sits reverently listening to us with a faint smile. Every now and then we stop talking and ask if she´s understanding, to which she basically tells us, ¨not a word, but I feel really good.¨ Both ordinances of her baptism and confirmation were beautiful, and now that she has the gift of the Holy Ghost, He will be able to add understanding of the Gospel to her great Faith in Jesus Christ.

I love the mission so much. I really do. I feel so distant sometimes from you guys back home, but I´m so grateful to be here serving in the Lord´s great work of Salvation. I know that everything will be okay back home, and I´m praying with all of my heart that our dear Savior will be with you in every moment. During the good, the bad, and the in between. #BecauseHeLives. I give my humble testimony that He lives, and the divine power of His Atonement will overcome every trial that His faithful disciples have when they call upon Him.

Happy Easter. Tell the ¨Jesus-bunny¨ I say thank you for the easter eggs, or I might cry as bitterly as 4 year-old Ry-guy a decade-and-a-half ago. ¡Hurra por Israel!

-Élder Goff

Pictures: The only one I have, because my camera is still in Physical Therapy. It´s kind of a Drama Queen, but the guy at the camera shop said it should get over itself by Monday.

Elder Rios and Me on his first day.

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