Monday, August 17, 2015

March 2, 2015- The camera woke up from the coma


While walking with an investigator to Church, we saw an old man in a warm up suit practicing his karate, and round-house kicking trees. I´m so glad that Virreyes is finally about to be freed of the Plaza Tree Menace.

This was a great week. Alisia came to Church again, and didn´t have any convulsions. She´s progressing well, and I don´t want to jynx her baptismal date that she has for this week, so I won´t say anything else about it. María got sick again, so the baptismal font was dry for another week. :/ so close!

But we found a cool new investigator named Sofía. Almost all of her family was baptized 11 years ago, before she was born, but is now inactive. While walking in the street, her cousin called out to us, because he remembered when the missionaries used to visit the family when he was four years old. (Impressive memory, eh?) She´s super excited about Church, and really smart. Once during the week, when we passed by to teach her, she yelled from the second story window that she was locked in, and that her mom had left to go buy something. But she insisted that we teach her by yelling in the street. So we did. So we had a great lesson about prayer with her, and anyone with eardrums in that block.

This week was a mission tour by Elder Jorge Zeballos, a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy. He was so awesome. President and Hermana Ayre, as well as Hermana Zeballos gave great talks as well. Elder Zeballos has an incredible testimony of the First Vision, and pled that we never ¨get used¨ to telling the story of the Restoration. We should always tell it with as much feeling and conviction as we can, so that the Spìrit can testify of the truthfulness of it to whomever we talk to. Then he quoted ¨I saw a pillar of light...¨ and sincerely began to weep in front of us. It was so powerful.

Also, he encouraged us to keep up our Spanish, or English depending on what we´re learning in the mission. Someone who speaks both languages can communicate with 80% of the members of the Church! That´s pretty awesome. He also assured the new missionaires this: and I quote ¨Don´t worry, new missionaires, soon you will be speaking Spanish just like all of the Argentines- very bad.¨ Hahaha, oh Chileans. Chileans poke fun at the way Argentines speak, and Argentines at the way Chileans write.

Thanks for your prayers family! I´m still loving the mission, and working as hard as I can every single day! ¡Hasta la próxima semana! ¡Hurra por Israel!

-Élder Goff

P.S. My camera came out of the coma! ... for $450 (don´t worry, pesos. Not dollars. The sign is the same.) But I only have one picture.

1. The assistants and us. The assistants are in my district, and always chastize me for not chastizing them more often. Elder Wade (to the right) looks exactly like my buddy Grey Anderson serving in Mexico, Elder Pereira is the brother-in-law of a Lone Peak graduate, even though he´s from Uruguay, and I played soccer with Elder Engebretsen´s cousin. We´re all related in some way or another.

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