Monday, August 17, 2015

January 19, 2015- Aguante la Naranja Mecanica

All the boundary changes in the Buenos Aires missions will only be effecting the West, South, and East missions. They´re not going to split my mission. All is well in Zion.

It was another rough one this Sunday. A few less actives came to church, but out of the whopping nine missionaries in the ward, not a single investigator came by. *Sigh* Come on people.

Miguel was still sick this week, but we saw him walking back from a doctor´s appointment on the way to the Internet Cafe, so we´re gonna give him a call tomorrow.

Perro and Brian (who shares the abandoned car) kept to their plans to quit smoking all week. It was so fun to pass by all of their friends smoking, and them just patiently sitting there, then suddenly seeing us, they would excitedly tell us ¨I only smoked 7 cigarettes today! I have one more, in then I´m done for the rest of the day!!¨ That´s pretty good considering a few weeks ago it was upwards of 4-5 packs of 20 each. Then when we came by to pick them up for Church on Sunday, Perro´s son had come out of nowhere and took him to Rosario (really far away) for a while. Brian was just as confused and sad as we were when he told us. Apparently he hadn´t seen Perro in a long time, but wanted to change his relationship with him. Yeah, we as missionaries want families to be together forever, but can´t you guys just make up after Church!? Keep on praying for him. We´ll continue one with Brian.

We saw another miracle. We passed by a former investigator named Miguel (not the little old man) who had a really hard time changing when he talked to the missionaries before. While talking to him, he excitedly said he was going to get married with his girlfriend on the 13th of February. (In Spanish-speaking culture Tuesday the 13th is bad luck, not Friday, so we´re all good). Later on, he accepted a baptismal date. What a stud.

I love you guys! Thanks for all that you´re doing. Take care of each other. Read the scriptures. I know that this Church is true, and that through obedience to the Restored Gospel, we will recieve an eternal joy beyond comprehension. Hasta la próxima semana. ¡Hurra por Israel!
-Élder Goff


 1956- I´ve now purchased three soccer jerseys during the mission. I´m pretty sure that offically makes me South American. Here´s Elder Chriss and I with the Home and Away jerseys of the Netherland´s World Cup Jerseys. ¡Aguante la Naranja Mecanica!

1939- Remember that part in the Best Two Years where Elder Rogers is all worried that his new companion is going to want to sit around and play Chess for P-day? Guess what the other Elders wanted to do last P-day.

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